Music improves self-expression, confidence & discipline

Music improves self-expression, confidence & discipline

Let’s explore a bit the effect of music on self-expression, confidence, and discipline. 

Music x Self-Expression. By definition, self-expression is the expression of one’s feelings. When we search for and listen to a sad song, we are saying to the world “we are sad”. Also, when we sing-along our favorite tunes, we are saying to the world “we are happy”. Listen to “Happy” by Pharell Williams, what do you feel?   

Music x Self-Confidence. There are two ways the effect of music works on self-confidence. First, musicians or music students often tend to perform in recitals or at home for whoever comes to visit. From a young age, musicians start facing audiences, support, criticism, stage fright, stepping out of their comfort zones. All these experiences shape the person they will become and prepares them for other similar situations in their academic or professional paths. Second, playing an instrument gives kids an edge, something very personal that differentiates them from their peers. Thus, every new piece they learn, every new song they play on their instrument while their friends sing along will boost their confidence. 

Music x Discipline. The importance of regular practice is undebatable when it comes to music education. In the right environment and with the parents support at the beginning, music students start to learn that they’re responsible for their instrument, their music books, their practice routine. Moreover, they learn that they have to take a lesson once per week, and manage their time to practice in between their lessons. It teaches them that to succeed there are a certain set of rules and behaviors to follow, the reward is becoming a musician, the punishment is not to become one!

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