The effect of music on developing necessary skills

The effect of music on developing necessary skills

A study aimed was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It focused on assessing the impact musical training could have on this process. 

At adolescence the brain is not fully developed and specific areas still need some time to mature, which makes adolescence a good age to do these tests. More importantly, the results showed that the degree of improvement was larger in the phonological awareness task for the group who had undergone musical training. The advantage that music students had over students who were undergoing other activities is that their brain development was extended during the time when regions of the brain responsible for auditory processing were developing. They also showed an acceleration in the time it takes to develop an adult cortical development. Therefore, the results suggest that participation in musical training can accelerate brain development which can benefit literacy skills.

Music could help improve language skills in children being an economical, effective, and enjoyable activity. Furthermore, music enhances a larger range of skills, for example learning a second language. The study suggests that musical training could help prolong the duration in which the brain is developing and is able to deal with complex auditory input. With this being said, it could make second language learning more possible to people who otherwise may struggle. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to grasp all of the benefits music education brings us! 

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